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Eco-friendly Home CleaningEco-friendly Home Cleaning

Eco-friendly Home Cleaning

We know only too well how household chores can be the source of many a marital debate. Join Kit & Kin co-founder Emma and husband Jade as they discuss each other’s cleaning quirks while tackling a range of domestic dilemmas. No matter who does what chore at your house, our new eco refillable cleaning range is all about providing safe, stylish, sustainable products not just for your little ones but also for the home they grow up in.

Dishwasher Debate

Dishwasher Debate

With Kit & Kin dishwasher tablets you can relax knowing your plates are washed with no nasties – no matter how they're stacked.

Laundry Label Conundrum

Laundry Label Conundrum

No matter what trials your clothes face, Kit & Kin's laundry bundle keeps them clean using only the power of plants, perfect for sensitive skin.

Keeping it Clean

Keeping it Clean

Jade’s new favourite thing in life, our all purpose spray clears Emma’s crumbs in a spritz and a wipe - without any harsh chemicals.

About Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin was created in 2017 by our co-founders Emma Bunton (Spice Girl, TV and radio presenter and UNICEF ambassador) and Christopher Money (Director of Product Development), who brings over 15 years’ experience working in the mother and baby industry for some of the world’s leading brands.

As parents themselves, Emma and Chris struggled to find products which didn’t irritate their children’s skin and were inspired to develop a natural, gentle and sustainable alternative for families - and from this Kit & Kin was born.

About Kit & Kin

Protecting your world, naturally

When you choose Kit & Kin, you’re helping to protect our planet.

Our responsibility

Better for your baby

Supporting families with effective products made from the gentlest ingredients, to protect their world, naturally.

Better for our world

Choosing sustainable, plant-
based and non-toxic ingredients, and reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Giving back

Caring for people and planet
with the Kit & Kin Foundation, protecting acres of rainforest
around the world, and supporting communities at home and abroad.

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